Ixom supplies a range of polymers, chemicals and products that meet the many needs of the customers in the plastics manufacturing industries.

Traded materials include: 


IXOM offers a range of world class products that include HDPE, LDPE & LLDPE into a wide variety of markets including pipe extrusion, blow moulding, film extrusion, injection moulding and others.

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Mitsubishi Acetal(NZ)

Mitsubishi Engineering Plastics Iupilon is a well known polycarbonate resin in the market for many years. Used in a wide range of industries it has a reputation for reliability with users.  Iupital is a copolymer-type acetal resin produced with MEP proprietary manufacturing process. Used in a wide range of industries, Iupital is ideal for precision machinery, automobile and general industrial applications.  

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IRPC Public Company Limited began as a manufacturer and distributor of Plastic Resins in 1982 and expanded the product range to become the first fully integrated refinery and petrochemical business in Thailand and Southeast Asia. Its Polimaxx brand high impact polystyrene (HIPS) has significant properties of high impact strength, and process ability which are suitable for producing electrical parts, air conditioner frames, toys, sanitary wares, office suppliers, plastic cup and tray, etc.

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UBE Nylon 6 

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Ineos USA is the 6th largest supplier of ethylene, propylene, high density polyethylene and polypropylene to the North American marketplace.  Ineos USA products are marketed globally both directly as business-to-business sales and through authorized distributors such as Ixom.

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SK Global Polypropylene (NZ)

SK global chemical’s polypropylene is produced using the patented Spheripol™ PP process developed by LlondellBasell, which is highly regarded for its outstanding quality.  

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Toray ABS & ASA (NZ)

Toray Plastics (Malaysia) is South East Asia's largest producer of ABS and ASA resin manufactured under the brand name of TOYOLAC®.  

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Polyone PVC colour masterbatches (NZ)

PolyOne supplies state of the art ECCOH™ non-halogenated formulations have been designed to be highly flame retardant with very low toxicity and smoke density. These solutions are well-suited for environments where smoke mitigation is of particular concern, such as those within closed spaces where means of escape is restricted (e.g., hotels, large office blocks, off-shore installations, trains, metros, and ships). PolyOne also supplies both standard and low-smoke/non-halogenated OnColor™ PVC colour masterbatches. 

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