What We Do

Ixom provide solutions for chemical and logistical problems faced by oil and gas operators across Australia, New Zealand, North America and Asia. We have a proven track record in delivering innovative, custom designed results, which leverage our strengths in mastering complex logistics and our outstanding safety & risk management capability.

Our key end markets

Ixom supports oil and gas operators across the value chain from drilling, gas processing and produced water treatment through the refining  and gas liquefaction to produce LNG.

How we add value to oil and gas operations

Ixom have extensive expertise in solving difficult operational challenges in partnership with Oil & Gas operators.. Our particular strength is in the following offerings:  

  • Increase gas asset life with Ixom Ultra Pure MEG™
  • Safe and Secure Ixom LNG refrigerant supply solutions
  • Environmental Stewardship supported by Ixom Waste Catalyst Removal
  • Robust & reliable water treatment technology and chemical supply
  • Getting the fundamentals right in gas processing chemicals

  • Ixom excel in providing operators with secure supply of bulk volume chemicals essential for uninterrupted operation. Partnered with unrivalled supply security, Ixom sourcing and procurement capability allows us to support oil and gas customers across the full breadth of their chemical requirements, large or small. In this way, Ixom offers a streamlined and simple single interface for all chemical supply needs.

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