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A comprehensive partner in ensuring efficient water treatment solutions.

IXOM offers intelligent and customised solutions underpinned by our technical expertise and chemical and equipment manufacturing facilities across the globe. Our comprehensive solutions include water management, covering a spectrum of services and products, including manufacturing, trading, and distribution of disinfection, fluoridation, coagulation, and odour control chemicals.

Our expertise extends to water treatment systems, offering services ranging from water treatment plant design, construction, rental, to ongoing operation and maintenance, ensuring the seamless functioning of water treatment processes.

IXOM specialises in chemical risk management, providing services encompassing chemical risk assessment, training, auditing, and the development of emergency response plans and disaster planning.

We also offer advanced chemical systems, addressing storage and dosing requirements for bulk and packaged liquids and gases, including chlorine gas. Additionally, our water treatment equipment is designed to tackle specific challenges such as Disinfection Byproducts (THM) compliance or removal, blue green algae control for prevention and destruction, wastewater aeration power reduction through proprietary equipment, as well as addressing emerging contaminants like PFAS.

At IXOM, we stand as a comprehensive partner in ensuring effective and sustainable water treatment solutions.

To access our full US offering, please visit IXOM Watercare.


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