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IXOM is a leading supplier of quality ingredients for dairy products, prioritising taste, texture, and health, and offers innovative dairy cleaning solutions that address our customers unique processing challenges.

Interpreting market trends to provide customisable and innovative solutions.

IXOM provides customisable and innovative dairy solutions for naturalness, mouthfeel, and enjoyment, assisting our customers to meet their desires for taste and nutrition.

IXOM and Keith Harris offer dairy ingredient solutions that are tastefully on-trend.

We can supply wide range of specialised functional and texturising ingredients for chilled, frozen and UHT dairy applications, as well as a range of health and nutritional ingredients to meet our customers’ requirements. We can assist in sourcing sustainable options to meet customer briefs like RSPO and non-palm.

Our Keith Harris speciality taste house that thrives on interpreting market trends to creatively design flavours,from juicy strawberry, creamy caramel or deep intense vanilla, our extensive library of flavourist created profiles can be specifically designed for your dairy requirements.

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Comprehensive packages, from optimising CIP times to running emergency response exercises.

With industry specific technical experts providing unrivalled service, a broad range of cleaning and sanitation products, and a best-in-class supply chain, IXOM can provide your business with the right solution every time.

IXOM is invested in local supply chain assets while being connected to global producers, providing continuity of supply to ensure that you can operate uninterrupted. We provide world class products tailored to local conditions, and work with you to deliver optimised cleaning and sanitation performance.

Whether it is fresh milk, milk powder, cheese or specialised nutritional products, IXOM has the range and expertise to keep your plant clean and improve food safety and quality.


Dairy Solutions