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Chemical Risk Management

IXOM’s Chemical Risk Management services focus on reducing risks associated with the use of hazardous chemicals, and cover chemical system guidance, training in safe handling and operation, and emergency response plan effectiveness.

An industry leader in chemical risk management.

IXOM excels in providing expert guidance on the design and operation of chemical systems. Our experts assist in developing operational procedures and inspection schedules, ensuring compliance with relevant standards and best practices. Through audits of chemical installations, we identify areas for improvement and offer actionable recommendations, helping to achieve the highest level of risk management in chemical handling.

We stand as an industry leader in preparing individuals to safely manage hazardous chemicals, including chlorine gas. IXOM’s training programs are designed to ensure course attendees demonstrate competence in the safe handling of hazardous chemicals. We pride ourselves on our ability to construct engaging, competency-based training packages that cater to various learning styles, providing practical, application-based knowledge. Our experienced trainers hold Cert IV qualifications and are skilled trainers and assessors.

IXOM’s dedicated Emergency Response Service (ERS) operates 24/7, offering invaluable assistance in managing incidents and emergencies. With over 40 years of experience, our ERS team has answered countless calls and compiled over 50,000 incident reports, giving us a comprehensive understanding of emergency scenarios. Understanding both reactive and proactive approaches are required, we use our experience to educate and support those handling hazards to ensure effective emergency response plans and mitigation strategies.

Regardless of your needs, IXOM is your partner in safety and excellence for chemical risk management.

Chemical Risk Management Solutions