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Excellent service and speed to market, from concept to commercialisation.

Bringing Ingredients to Life®
For over 70 years, IXOM has been providing ingredients to Health & Personal Care markets. We offer an integrated ingredient portfolio to deliver performance-based solutions for “in body” and “on body” applications. Our technical experts identify the optimal solution from our quality range of scent, functional, texturising and enriching ingredients, helping our customers build and create successful brands for every day enjoyment. Combined with our excellent service, speed to market, and flexibility, IXOM is your trusted partner from concept to commercialisation.

Health & Wellbeing
Taking good care of yourself is important for your general wellbeing. Our broad range of ingredients can help build your products driving beauty and health from the inside and the outside.

Our ABP scent team specialises in trending, seasonal, and mainstream scents with complimentary styles that drive excitement for your brand’s dynamic personality. Local perfumers create innovative, personalised signatures backed by manufacturing teams who provide superior service and value.

ABP Specialists in the Chemistry of Essential oils
Since 1982, Australian Botanical Products (ABP) has developed a reputation as one of the leading suppliers of essential oils, carrier oils, raw materials, and fragrances for professional use across multiple regions. We pride ourselves on being one of the most fully resourced, technologically up-to-date manufacturers of Aromatherapy and essential oil products in Australia and NZ, delivering high-quality essential oils built on transparency and integrity.

Pure Ingredients NZ
Since 2006, Pure Ingredients has been a trusted supplier of quality ingredients helping customers build some of New Zealand’s biggest brands in personal care, cosmetics, household products, and more. Our extensive globally sourced range focuses strongly on natural, sustainable, and organic ingredients.


Solving your Challenges

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