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Water Treatment Equipment & Solutions

IXOM provides intelligent water solutions for producing high quality water that is safe to drink, discharge, or reuse across the globe.

A total solution to any water and wastewater treatment challenges.

IXOM has conceptualised, designed, manufactured, constructed and operated a wide variety of water and wastewater treatment plants for clients in Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK and Europe for potable, industrial, process and recycled water and wastewater applications.

IXOM can provide a total solution to all water and wastewater treatment challenges.

For water & wastewater treatment plants, we bring proficiency in treatment process selection, detailed design, Australian manufacture, and construction. Our services extend to WTP operations, including O&M services, membranes and membrane chemicals, antiscalant and consumables selection & supply.

The supply and servicing of chemical storage & dosing systems, featuring Bullets™, Cube™, and Drum™ systems for liquid chemicals and chlorine gas, are integral aspects of our capabilities.

For emergency water systems, we provide rental of WTPs, chemical storage & dosing systems.

Addressing THM/DBP compliance, we employ prevention processes using MIEX® or removal strategies with Medora SN™ systems. Our proficiency further extends to blue green algae control, involving prevention and destruction through SolarBee®, GS Mixers, or EarthTec®.

Lastly, in the realm of wastewater aeration power reduction, we implement aeration, circulation, and mixing solutions through AP Series Powered Mixers, GridBee®, or SolarBee®, showcasing our commitment to cutting-edge and sustainable practices.


Water Treatment Equipment & Solutions