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Municipal Drinking Water

IXOM offers intelligent and customised solutions to improve water quality to make it safe to drink, discharge or reuse for municipal drinking water and wastewater applications.

Comprehensive technical expertise and end-to-end solutions.

IXOM offers intelligent and customised municipal water and wastewater solutions underpinned by our technical expertise and chemical and equipment manufacturing facilities across the globe.

We offer a variety of treatment processes and systems including disinfection, coagulation and flocculation, organics removal, pH/alkalinity control, filtration, reverse osmosis, iron and manganese removal, asset protection and odour control, fluoridation and sludge treatment. IXOM's treatment services can also assist in improving water aesthetics, including taste and odour.

All our manufacturing processes are ISO9001 certified, and National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) accreditation is held for key chemicals and equipment, ensuring our chemicals exceed the Australian standards for drinking water, ensuring the well-being of our communities. IXOM offers quality testing and certificate of analysis to comply with our customers growing quality requirements.


Municipal Drinking Water Solutions