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FarmGuard is a comprehensive range of high-quality dairy cleaning and teatcare solutions, made in New Zealand for New Zealand dairy farms. Click here to find out more.

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Shed Care and Cleaning
Maximise acid cleaner is unique to the New Zealand market, and all-in-one, one-step hygiene cleaning solution aimed at reducing the effort and costs involved in maintaining your assets.
Animal Health
Our teat sanitising solutions allow for fast and effective treatment of mastitis-causing organisms in dairy cows.
Animal Welfare
FarmGuard offers a range of nutritional supplements to aid in the prevention of disease and the treatment of affected cattle.

Full service cleaning solutions for New Zealand dairy farmers.

FarmGuard is the only compliant on-farm bulk chemical supplier in New Zealand. We are a leading supplier of cleaning systems to dairy farmers in New Zealand. We offer tailored wash and hygiene programs to suit your individual needs, backed by comprehensive on-farm training and advice.

Our commitment is to provide full-service solutions that help our customers maximise the quality of their milk, underpinned by a health and safety package that is second to none.

Local manufacturing ensures that all FarmGuard products are designed for local conditions, and our FarmGuard bulk products are delivered directly ‘on farm’, saving time while simultaneously reducing costs, waste and risk.

FarmGuard Solutions