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Human Nutrition

IXOM provides quality actives for various health concerns, while supplying a diverse and innovative range of ingredients to meet customer requirements for nutritional applications, emphasising taste, health, and enjoyment.

An industry leading range, from actives to flavour solutions.

As the market for human nutrition and health solutions grows, IXOM is able to meet our customers exacting requirements for a range of actives and nutritional raw ingredients to address concerns like stress relief, beauty, sleep, anxiety, gut health, and memory and cognition enhancement.

IXOM and our creative Keith Harris Flavour brand offer customisable nutritional ingredient solutions that are tastefully on-trend, readily enjoyed and promote health and wellbeing, such as gut health, sleep and stress relief.

We can also provide actives including vitamins, minerals, botanical extracts and powders, and amino acids.

We can supply a wide range of specialised functional and texturising ingredients for all types of health & wellness applications specified by our customers, as well as create customised flavour solutions for your products.

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Human Nutrition Solutions