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Cleaning & Sanitation

IXOM excels in cleaning solutions. Through our expertise and technical support, we can help our customers with efficiency and process improvement to maintain brand protection and meet their environmental requirements.

A bespoke and comprehensive approach.

At IXOM, we pride ourselves on our industry experience and knowledge in the cleaning and sanitation market. We work in close partnership with our customers to offer a bespoke and comprehensive approach to improve our customers' process cleaning challenges.

Within our portfolio, we offer solutions to ensure that our clients navigate the complexities of chemical application with utmost care and compliance. Our proficiency extends to all areas of cleaning and sanitation including Cleaning-in-Place (CIP), membrane cleaning solutions, manual cleaning and cleaning processes, and personal hygiene. To support this holistic approach, we also have a full complement of water treatment solutions and equipment dosing controls including boiler and cooling tower chemicals and wastewater treatment systems, along with potable water treatment.

In the realm of cleaning and sanitation, IXOM is a trusted partner, delivering both delivering solutions and contributing to the elevation of industry standards.

Cleaning & Sanitation Solutions