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Municipal Wastewater

IXOM provides a range of chemical products and technologies for wastewater treatment to support our customers and communities in achieving their environmental and sustainability goals.

Intelligent wastewater solutions and comprehensive expertise.

IXOM offers intelligent and customised wastewater solutions underpinned by our technical expertise, and chemical and equipment manufacturing facilities across the globe.

We offer a variety of product and technologies to enhance wastewater treatment processes including coagulation and flocculation, organics removal, pH/alkalinity control, filtration, disinfection, asset protection, corrosion and odour control, sludge treatment, algae control, fats, oil and grease (FOG) control, and biological treatment options including enzymes.

With a diverse range of markets, including chemicals, water treatment systems, chemical risk management, chemical dosing systems, and water treatment equipment, IXOM is uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive expertise and end-to-end solutions.

To access our full US offering, please visit IXOM Watercare.


Municipal Wastewater Solutions