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Industry experts in chemical risk assessment.

The Management of Chemical Risks on an operational site is a critical component of site activities. Effective control of these risks ensure the protection of people, assets and the environment. Organisations that proactively manage their chemical risk profiles typically have lower numbers of incidents, with reduced impacts, and improved productivity from their workforce.

Effective reduction in our Customers Chemical Risk Profile is realised through a combined approach to:

  • Chemical Systems
  • Personnel Training
  • Emergency Management
IXOM is able to provide market leading services that cover all these elements of Chemical Risk Management. These services have been developed from over 80 years of experience in manufacture, supply and delivery of high consequence Dangerous Goods. We are industry experts in Chemical Risk Management to the Water, Dairy, Food and Beverage, Industrial and Mining Industries in Australia and New Zealand as a direct result.

For more information email: chemical_risk_management@ixom.com