Used for disinfection and oxidation

Anhydrous and Aqua Ammonia

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Sodium Hypochlorite

Disinfection chemical

  • Liquid


Chlorine gas is a reliable disinfectant used in water treatment and other applications. Ixom’s chlorine is manufactured and packaged in Australia in accordance with our highest quality standards. Ixom operates stock points across Australia to ensure supply availability and continuity.
Ixom has been manufacturing chlorine for decades and provides support through equipment, training, audits and our emergency response service (ERS).

And this under the sodium hypochlorite

Ixom manufactures a high-quality sodium hypochlorite solution at its manufacturing plants across Australia.
Ixom’s sodium hypochlorite solution is high strength and high purity making it suitable for use in drinking water treatment and other sensitive applications.
Sodium hypochlorite is widely used in bleaching operations and as a disinfectant, both in the home and in industry because it is a very effective biocide.

Disinfection chemical

  • Liquified Gas
New Chlorine Standards