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Boiler and Cooling Water Solutions

IXOM provides water scale, corrosion and microbiological control solutions to support the performance of boiler and cooling assets.

Expertise and an expansive product portfolio to deliver innovative, end-to-end solutions.

The water treatment of boiler and cooling water assets can have a significant impact on water, energy and waste efficiency for these processes, and overall plant efficiencies.

Within our boiler and cooling water treatment portfolio, we demonstrate a depth of expertise and industry knowledge. Our offerings encompass specialised chemical solutions targeting corrosion, scaling, fouling, and biological growth. Additionally, we provide on-site technical service and advice, implementing process optimisation strategies to minimise water and energy consumption. With a keen focus on health and safety, our Legionella risk management and water hygiene services helps to support the well-being of systems and personnel.

Continuous commitment is demonstrated through our 24/7 remote monitoring capabilities. We stay at the forefront of innovation with our implementation of cutting-edge chemical dosing solutions.


Boiler & Cooling Water Solutions