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Wire & Cable

IXOM supplies the wire and cable industry with a diverse and comprehensive range of products including next generation plasticisers featuring non-phthalate, bio-attributed and renewable resource derived plasticisers.

Quality and functionality to meet the industry's exacting standards.

IXOM takes pride in being a trusted supplier to this essential market, meeting the demands of vast infrastructure projects and consumer requirements. Our product range encompasses a selection of materials that are vital in ensuring the quality and functionality of these critical components.

Within our comprehensive product portfolio, we offer a wide array of materials, including plasticisers (offering traditional, phthalate-free, and bio-based options), resins, pigments, solvents, and additives like cross-linkers, binding agents, and flame retardants. These materials have been chosen to meet the exacting standards and diverse requirements of wire and cable manufacturers.

We contribute to the industry's sustainability goals by providing eco-friendly options that align with customers environmental requirements and consumer preferences, with a goal to evolve and adapt to meet the demands of this ever-changing market.


Wire & Cable Solutions