Freshwater algal blooms cost the Australian community over $240 million a year. As global temperatures increase, greater and more prolonged toxic cyanobacterial blooms are having a detrimental effect on valuable water resources.

The EarthTec advantage

  • Rapid response within 7-10 days
  • 100% Bioactive Copper
  • Economical – reduces labour costs
  • Effective control for up to 30 days
  • Fast dispersion avoids sediment
  • 50-80% less copper
  • Minimises toxins
  • Minimal impact on ecosystem

EarthTec may be poured into the water

manually after calculating the volume of water to be treated and measuring the quantity of EarthTec necessary to attain a concentration of 0.06 ppm of copper or by using an automated dispenser calibrated to release the required amount.

Results indicate that municipalities switching from copper sulphate to EarthTec have fewer total applications per year and are applying <20% of the elemental copper used in previous years.

Click here for recent case study at the Lance Creek Water Reservoir.


Ixom is a distributor of EarthTec and AgriTec.


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