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Ixom provides chemicals and services for the maintaining optimal cleaning and sanitation processes to protect the safety and quality of your products and brands

We offer a broad and comprehensive range of innovative chemical,  technical and service solutions, to improve and support the performance of cleaning and sanitation regimes in the Dairy, Food and Beverage Processing Industries.  

Our Products include:

Alkali Detergents

  • Alkazolv 30LF
  • Concept C20
  • C4
  • Rezolv 46

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Acidic Detergents

  • Nitric Acid
  • Duplex


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  • Supasan
  • Neusan
  • Perform

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External Cleaners

  • Chlorofoam V2
  • Foambrite
  • Diamondbrite

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Specialty Products

  • OPTimise
  • Line Lubricants

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Membrane Detergents

Ixom's REFLUX range of membrane cleaning products have been developed to suit all types of membrane systems in dairy,  brewery and winery applications.

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Food Additives

Ixom can supply a range of food grade additives for use in food, beverage and dairy processing applications such as pH adjustment and defoaming.

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Our Services include:

Cleaning and Process Expertise

  • Specialist assessment and analysis of CIP (Clean in Place) and COP (Clean out of Place) systems
  • Review and recommendation to validate, improve and optimise your cleaning and process operation
  • Chemical handling and awareness training sessions tailored to your business needs
  • Specialist advice on membrane processing and cleaning optimisation
  • Specialist advice on specific cleaning applications i.e. evaporators and heat exchangers

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Chemical Handling & Storage

  • Advice and engineering support to ensure regulatory compliance on your site
  • Risk management and hazard identification around health, safety and environmental issues
  • Engineering expertise from design to project management of Chemical dosing and storage installations on your site - big or small

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Innovation & Development

Our Innovation and Development team are committed to providing specialist technology and support for all our customers chemical requirements. Key areas of focus include:

  • Development and innovation of products to meet our customers current and future needs
  • Working alongside our technical teams to resolve customer issues

Continually reviewing our formulations to ensure we remain at the forefront of environmental and legislative developments

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Total Chemical Management

Ixom can work alongside your operation on bulk chemical storage solutions, which offer a cost effective and safer means of chemical supply for your business.

Ixom also offers telemetry technology, which enables remote monitoring of bulk storage tank levels and load building of bulk chemical deliveries, to ensure efficiency and reliability of supply to your site.