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What we do

If your business is about processing, then our business is making sure that what you are processing is safe.

Ixom PCT understands the importance of maintaining optimal cleaning and sanitation processes, to protect the quality and safety of your product and brand.  We offer a broad and comprehensive range of innovative chemical, technical and service solutions, to improve and support the performance of cleaning and sanitation regimes in the dairy, food and beverage processing industries. 

Ixom's engineers, chemists, microbiologists and technical account managers have experience, knowledge and expertise to work alongside your business ensuring cleaning systems are optimal, and downtime is minimal, with product and chemical safety considered every step of the way. We are the people who know about process cleaning technology – People you can rely on.

Our commitment to improving the performance of your operations makes us the perfect partner. Clean and simple.

Our key end markets:

  • Speciality and commodity chemicals
  • Membrane chemicals and specialist services
  • Chemical storage and dispensing equipment solutions
  • Chemical monitoring and reporting tools
  • Cleaning verification and validation
  • Specialist consulting services

Our Products include:

  • Alkali Detergents
  • Acid Detergents
  • Membrane Detergents
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Sanitisers
  • External Cleaners
  • Food Additives

Our Services include:

  • Cleaning and Process Expertise                   
  • Chemical Handling & Storage
  • Innovation & Development
  • Total Chemical Management

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