Paul Atkinson

Paul Atkinson

Managing Director and CEO

Paul holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Monash University, and is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Ixom, and a member of the Board of Directors since June 2019.

Paul is a manager with extensive knowledge and understanding of the industrial sector thanks to more than 30 years of experience, initially with Pirelli Group and then with Prysmian Group.

Prior to IXOM Paul joined the Prysmian Group in early 2000 and held various leadership positions across many countries and prior to joining IXOM was Regional President and CEO Asia Pacific.

After running the Pirelli Energy business in Australia, in 2005 he was appointed as CEO of Prysmian Oceania and in October 2010 Chief Executive Officer of the UK, a post he held until March 2016.

He held positions of increasing responsibility in Prysmian Group, particularly for the restructuring and reorganisation of business, which was one of the most profitable and competitive organisations in its industry between 2005 until today.

Prior to his time at the Prysmian Group he held senior roles in Commercial, Finance and Operations in the consumer goods and Healthcare sectors.

Paul brings to Ixom a wealth of experience and expertise in leadership of large and complex organisations, global markets and diverse product management.

His passion for people development, diversity and inclusion, commitment to organisational growth are Paul’s key personal drivers.

Bryce Wolfe

Bryce Wolfe

Finance Director and Chief Financial Officer

Bryce is the Finance Director & Chief Financial Officer at Ixom, a role he has held since joining Ixom in 2014, when it was a division of Orica.

He comes to Ixom having delivered successful financial outcomes in complex commercial environments during nine years at Village Roadshow and ten years at Ernst & Young.

Bryce's role as Chief Financial Officer of Village Roadshow Entertainment Group saw him work closely with private equity investors for more than six years in this Los Angeles based global distribution business. Subsequently he spent three years as Deputy-Chief Financial Officer to Village Roadshow Limited in Melbourne, Australia.

Prior to this he was a United Kingdom sector head for Mergers & Acquisitions at Ernst & Young, based in London.

Bryce is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Securities & Investments, Member of the Financial Executives International and was awarded the Australian Young Chief Financial Officer of the Year in 2005.

Stephen Rasdell

Stephen (Steve) Rasdell

General Manager Manufactured Chemicals and Water

Steve Rasdell is Ixom's General Manager for Manufactured Chemicals & Water.

In this role, Steve has responsibility for the marketing, sales, manufacturing, and distribution activities for Ixom customers.

Prior to this, Steve was responsible for National Sales & Customer Service at Orica.

Steve brings to this role twenty-five years' experience in the chemicals industry in product development, customer support, sales & marketing areas.

Steve holds a Bachelor of Applied Chemistry and a Masters of Applied Science from RMIT University, specialising in water treatment.

Todd Martin

Todd Martin

General Manager Industrials Packaged and Bulk

Todd Martin is the General Manager of Industrials Packaged and Bulk at Ixom. In this role Todd is responsible for rapidly expanding the bulk liquids and gases business, focusing on mining, agriculture, oil and gas, and the cleaning and sanitation markets.

Todd has held many senior executive finance and commercial roles, having most recently been General Manager of Bulk Liquids at Orica.

Todd holds a Bachelor of Business degree.


Kurt Friedel

General Manager Life Sciences Australia and Asia

Kurt Friedel is General Manager Life Sciences Australia & Asia. In this newly created role, he is responsible for leading the Life Sciences division of Ixom, with operations in Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, China and Hong Kong.

Through its respected Bronson & Jacobs and Keith Harris brands, Ixom's Life Sciences division is a market leader in the supply of raw materials, ingredients, flavours and fragrances to customers in a broad range of sectors including; personal care, health, household, pharmaceutical, food, beverage and animal nutrition.

Prior to this role, Kurt was the General Manager Sales, responsible for leading the Sales and Customer Service divisions, overall sales performance and maximising customer experience through process optimisation, industry-leading technology and the creation of a truly customer-centric culture.

Prior to Ixom, Kurt held the position of General Manager Commercial at StarTrack, a premium express freight and logistics provider. In this role, he led significant change in the sales function and was responsible for 150 sales personnel and an annual turnover in excess of $1 billion.

Kurt holds a Bachelor of Science Advanced with a major in Organic Chemistry from the University of Sydney.


Sean Eccles

General Manager New Zealand

Sean Eccles is the General Manager New Zealand, responsible for leading the New Zealand and Fiji businesses across a vast range of chemical and product sourcing and distribution. He brings over 35 years of chemical industry experience to the role, with 25 years in Leadership roles in manufacturing and sales organisations.  Prior to the role of General Manager, he was Business Unit Manager pulp, paper, Water, Fiji, Farmguard, based in New Zealand.

Sean hold various qualifications in Management, Chemistry and Governance.

Javier Canala

Javier Canala

General Manager Latin America (LATAM)

Javier Canala is Ixom's General Manager for its Latin America (LATAM) operations based in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and Peru. Javier brings to this role considerable executive experience of over twenty years covering the gas, chemical, mining and water industries.

Ixom's Latin America operations supplies manufactured and traded chemicals to a wide range of industries and customers.

Prior to his role at Ixom, Javier was Country Head, Chile & Peru, for Clariant International, a chemical organisation with more than 250 employees and over US$130 million in sales locally. The Clariant group operates in more than 100 countries with more than 18,000 employees worldwide.

Javier was Managing Director – Chile for XYLEM Water Solutions, which operates in over 150 countries with more than 12,000 employees worldwide. In Chile, Xylem Water Solutions has been operating for more than 40 years and is a recognised and respected solutions provider.

He was also Division Manager SABIMET in Chile – a distribution company of industrial products like steel, welding, equipment and elements of security. With more than 730 employees, Sabimet delivers solutions to the mining industry to decrease operational cost and increase equipment reliability.

Javier has also held various senior roles at LINDE GAS AG, a German industrial gas producer, which operates in more than fifty countries.

Javier holds a Masters of Business Administration, a Business Management Diploma and is a Metallurgy Engineer.