Farmguard Chloride of Lime

Chloride of Lime is a chlorinated powder cleaner with additional sanitising and deodorising properties designed for external cleaning

  • High strength, multi use cleaner.
  • Rapid antibacterial action.
  • Quickly removes moss, mould and reduces odours.
  • Use rate of 1-2gms per L of water for General Cleaning

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Farmguard Ripper Stripper

Heavy duty chlorinated cleaning chemical for dairy shed and water treatment use. 13% Sodium Hypochlorite as an Active Ingredient

  • High quality, stable chlorine.
  • Also for use as a water treatment.
  • Kills moss, mould and algae.
  • 1.5m/L water use rate as a minimum.
  • Use rate can be increased as required.

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Farmguard Chloropower Plus

Ultra high strength chlorinated alkali powder for use with all milking machines and silos

55% Caustic & 4.5% Chlorine Level—one of the highest loadings in the market

  • Low foam, low dust yet high strength formulation.
  • Compatible with all water types.
  • Stable, high quality chlorine 
  • 1.5ml/L water use rate.

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Farmguard Supersolve

Non chlorinated alkali based detergent for the removal of fat and protein from all milk contact surfaces within the milking plant and silo. Completely QAC Free—no residue issues to worry about. Specifically designed to keep working in colder temperatures

  • Caustic based detergent with a unique surfactant package.
  • Non chlorine so no chlorine flare off.
  • For use with all water types.

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