Farmguard Chloride of Lime

Chloride of Lime is a chlorinated powder cleaner with additional sanitising and deodorising properties designed for external cleaning.

  • High strength, multi use cleaner.
  • Rapid antibacterial action.
  • Quickly removes moss, mould and reduces odours.
  • Use rate of 1-2gms per L of water for General Cleaning

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FarmGuard Ripper Stripper

Heavy-duty chlorinated cleaning chemical for dairy shed and water treatment use. 13% Sodium Hypochlorite as an Active Ingredient.

  • High-quality, stable chlorine
  • Can also be used for water treatment
  • Kills moss, mould and algae
  • 2ml/L water use rate as a minimum
  • Use rate can be increased as required. 

FarmGuard Chloropower Plus

Ultra-high-strength chlorinated alkali powder for use with all milking machines and silos.

  • 55% Caustic and 4.5% Chlorine level – one of the higher loadings in the market
  • Low foam, low dust yet high-strength formulation
  • Compatible with all water types
  • Stable, high-quality chlorine
  • 1.5ml/L water use rate. 

FarmGuard Supersolve

Non-chlorinated, alkali-based detergent for the removal of fat and protein from all milk contact surfaces within the milking plant and silo.

  • Caustic-based detergent with a unique surfactant package
  • Non-chlorinated formulation so no chlorine flare off over time
  • For use with all water types
  • Reduces Sodium levels in Dairy wastewater
  • Specifically developed for use in colder temperatures.