What we do

Ixom provides chemicals, technologies and services for water treatment.

Our key end markets

Ixom products are used by municipal customers for creating safe drinking water and treating sewage and by industrial customers in water and process applications.  Industrial markets include pulp and paper, food and beverage, dairy, steel, power generation and petrochemical.

Ixom is Australia's largest manufacturer and marketer of Chlor-Alkali products including Chlorine, Caustic Soda, Sodium Hypochlorite and Hydrochloric Acid with state-of-the-art production facilities across Australia and New Zealand.

We also manufacture a range of specialty chemicals for use in water treatment and other industries including Iron Salts, Coagulants, Flocculants and Chlorinated Paraffins.

We compliment this with a comprehensive range of commodities and specialty raw materials to support all activities within the collection, distribution, conditioning, recycling and discharge of water.

Our products are sold into water treatment, but also many other industries including: pulp and paper, mining, soap and detergent, metal treatment, food and beverage, dairy and general chemicals.

All our manufacturing processes are ISO9001 certified and NSF accreditation is held for key chemicals. Chemical quality is assured on delivery through the provision of a full Certificate of Compliance from an independent NATA laboratory. Our logistics process is managed through SAP - a best practice electronic "order, production, delivery" management system. Deliveries are provided via accredited carriers specialising in chemical transport.
We also offer a range of services, operations and projects related to water-care.

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Ixom Water Technologies

Through our Watercare team, Ixom provides source water management solutions for our global customers.

Ixom offers a range of products and end-to-end services for customers along the water value chain, across the water treatment, wastewater and source water sectors.

Our applications include:

Water Treatment

  • Reduce DBPs, THMs, HAAs
  • Optimize chemical use
  • Increase baffl­e factor with mixing
  • Talk to us about PFAS!

Water Distribution

  • Better residual management
  • Remotely monitor & boost
  • Active THM / VOC removal
  • Active mixing for tanks

Lakes & Source Water Reservoirs

  • Cyanobacteria mitigation
  • Minimize taste & odor issues
  • Reduce iron & manganese
  • Water quality monitoring

Wastewater Collections

  • Lift / Pump Station Wet Well Mixing
  • Minimize pump inlet clogging from wipes and other non-flushable products & materials.
  • Dissolve grease layers and accumulation.
  • Reduce H2S odors & associated corrosion.

Wastewater Treatment

  • Energy savings, fast payback!
  • Excellent solids suspension
  • Odor and sludge control
  • E­fficient aeration & mixing

Stormwater & Reuse

  • Cyanobacteria Mitigation
  • Odor Mitigation

Some of Watercare’s key products and services include:

  • MIEX® Magnetic Ion Exchange Technologies

MIEX® Magnetic Ion Exchange Systems are sustainable solutions to improve disinfection that allow for compliance with Disinfection By-Products Regulation and require little alteration, if any, to existing treatment systems. Learn more.

  • ResidualHQ© Automated Disinfectant Control

The ResidualHQ© is a smart management technology for water distribution systems incorporating powerful tank mixing, residual monitoring, and disinfectant delivery into a convenient and user-friendly workstation with Tiered Access Security. The ResidualHQ is a game-changer for water distribution. Learn more.

  • GridBee® SN Series THM Removal Systems

GridBee® SN Series THM Removal Systems combine tank mixing, headspace ventilation and spray aeration to create a trusted and industry-leading solution for trihalomethane removal in water distribution storage tanks. They are energy efficient and completely scalable to fit your needs. Learn more.

  • GridBee® GS Series Submersible Tank Mixers

GridBee® GS Series Potable Tank Mixers leading mixing solution for potable distribution tanks. Powerful GS Series active mixing eliminates temperature stratification while achieving consistent disinfectant contact and residuals throughout the water column. Learn more.

  • SolarBee® SB and GF Series Floating Mixer Circulators

Versatile SolarBee® mixer circulators offer real benefits across all facets of the water quality improvement industry.  These mixers are a high flow, low energy solution from potable water distribution tanks to freshwater lakes, and from stormwater to wastewater applications. Learn more.

  • AerationPlus© Small Lake & Pond Circulators

AerationPlus© air-powered circulation equipment helps improve water quality in small lakes & ponds as well as near-shore areas of larger waterbodies. AerationPlus© works perfectly for docks and marinas, swimming areas, stormwater retention basins, and park and golf course ponds. Learn more.

  • Water Selector ™ Reservoir Withdrawal Management System

A reservoir management and raw water pre-treatment tool designed to allow your operators to understand and control the water quality drawn into the treatment plant influent in real time. Learn more.

  • Profile Analysis & Monitoring System (PAMS)

PAMS is a comprehensive, whole profile, real time and predictive water quality data monitoring platform for lakes or reservoirs. Learn more.

  • Lift / Pump Station Wet Well Mixing

The GridBee® AP500 mixer helps keep solids—such as wipes—in suspension as sheets instead of clumps and prevents lift station pumps from clogging. Mixing also helps reduce H2S odors and corrosion as well as build-up from fats, oils, and grease (FOG). These tough little mixers are ideal for almost all types of liquids in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment tanks and basins. Learn more.

  • AP Series Air-Powered Wastewater Mixers

AP Series Wastewater Mixers are designed for use in activated sludge anoxic basins, aeration basins, equalization basins and wastewater ponds. Diffusers can be configured for minimized aeration (course bubble) or maximized aeration (fine bubble) while maintaining mixing effectiveness. No moving parts in the water allows for maintenance-free operation even in high MLSS (mixed liquor suspended solids) applications. AP Series Mixers are energy-efficient and can be matched to an existing air system or optional air unit. Learn more.

For more IXOM Watercare solutions and products, please visit www.ixomwatercare.com

MIEX® Technology

Ixom Watercare is a leading global supplier of Ion Exchange treatment solutions. Our unique MIEX® and MICo® pre-treatment processes have the ability to reduce Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC), and other constituents from  water, resulting in  reduction in the formation of Disinfection By-products (DBPs), and conformance to regulatory goals,  in your municipal drinking water treatment plant.

The MIEX® process is a proven solution to decrease Disinfection By-Product formation by reducing DOC levels and total oxidant demand while lowering total net operational costs. MIEX® has many additional benefits including improved taste and odor and improved floc formation with lower chemical doses. The MIEX® process can also be used to significantly reduce treated water color levels from 60% to 95% through the removal of DOC. Reduction of organics at the head of a water treatment plant is critical to lowering operational costs and improving plant performance.

The name MIEX® comes from ‘Magnetic Ion Exchange’. MIEX® Resin beads have a magnetic property that allows them to agglomerate and settle rapidly, or fluidize at high hydraulic loading rates. Because of this unique feature, MIEX® Resin is used in a continuous process with ion exchange occurring in either a mixed tank or a fluidized bed reactor vessel.

MICo® stands for MIEX® co-removal, which is a MIEX® treatment process that combines multiple treatment objectives in one process. This process uses the MIEX® Plus media blend to reduce DOC as well as other constituents of concern such as  hardness (MICo® SOF) or taste and odor (MICo® T&O). By combining two processes into one, clients save money and space.

MIEX® and MICo® Treatment Systems have a small process footprint, low headloss, very low waste volumes and are not subject to chromatographic peaking, allowing ion exchange to be used in a wide variety of applications.  In addition,  MIEX® resin is tolerant of most oxidants, turbidity, and heavy metals.

Our Applications

MIEX® and MICo® processes provide water treatment solutions for municipal drinking water treatment applications.
Applications for MIEX® and MICo® treatment include:

  • Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC) Reduction
  • Color Reduction
  • Hardness and Organics Reduction
  • Organics and Taste and Odor Reduction
  • Sulfide Reduction
  • Bromide Reduction
  • Organics and Ammonia Reduction
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