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About the Facility

IXOM’s Morrinsville site has been in operation since 1956 and employs 23 people from the Waikato area. The company’s value of “We Do Things Safely and with Integrity” underpins the site’s commitment to operating its production processes in a safe and efficient manner, ensuring that the surrounding environment and community are protected always.

At IXOM Morrinsville, there are four manufacturing plants and four other ancillary facilities.

The four manufacturing plants are:

  • A Sodium Silicate Plant. Sodium Silicate solution is used in the pulp and paper industry and is also used for ground stabilisation work. The product has been used for sealing the joints in the concrete rings in the Waterview Tunnel project in Auckland.
  • A Polyaluminium Chloride (PAC) Plant. Polyaluminium Chloride solution for use in water treatment, pulp bleaching and general industrial use. The main use in water treatment is in treatment of potable water for flocculating out impurities. It is also used for the treatment of waste water at municipal works at a number of locations around New Zealand.
  • An Aluminium Sulphate/Magnesium Sulphate Plant. Aluminium Sulphate solution is used for water treatment, both potable water and waste water and also in the pulp and paper industry to prevent ink running on paper. Magnesium Sulphate solution is used to prevent loss of strength in fibre during oxygen bleaching.
  • A Food Grade Product Plant. The plant manufactures a range of food additives, manufacturing aids and cleaning products. They are used in the dairy, beverage, poultry, and general food industries.

The ancillary facilities on site are:

  • A Food Grade Products Warehouse that store food grade raw materials and food grade manufactured products
  • A General Warehouse that stores the other products manufactured on site and imported products, including Chlorine
  • An Aqua Ammonia compound for loading out of Aqua Ammonia solution in tankers or for filling into 1000L containers

A Chlorine Drum/Cylinder refurbishment plant for refurbishing, inspecting, testing and re-certification of empty chlorine drums and cylinders. This is an IANZ approved gas cylinder testing laboratory.

For information on these chemicals, please contact us.

Major Hazard Facility

IXOM Morrinsville has been designated as an upper tier Major Hazard Facility and as such, is required to satisfy the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work (Major Hazard Facilities) Regulations 2016.

IXOM has prepared and submitted a safety case to Worksafe NZ. The Safety Case includes information on:

  • Our facility arrangement and details
  • Hazardous substances kept on site
  • Safety, Health, Environment & Quality Management Systems
  • Identifying hazards and controls through safety assessment
  • Potential major incidents
  • Consultation processes
  • Emergency response processes

Although the likelihood of a major incident occurring on our facility is extremely low, it is important that we inform our community of any potential major incidents and what to do in the event that a major incident should occur. A chlorine gas release has been identified as a major incident that could affect the local community. Measures are in place to prevent, mitigate and manage all major incidents.

In Case of a Major Incident

If it is considered that you could be affected, you will be directly notified.

  • Premises near our facility (within 250m) will be advised by IXOM via sms or phone.
  • Emergency Services will most likely notify premises within the affected area (up to 2.6km from site) and if necessary advise required action, however, as a safety precaution have a plan ready to action if needed.
    • We suggest following IXOM on social media (@ixom Twitter or IXOM Global Facebook) and keep across relevant Emergency Services Alerts to keep you informed and aware during any incident.  
    • Familiarise yourself with this safety advice


Click here to download the IXOM Morrinsville Community Safety Information Brochure

Contact IXOM Morrinsville Facility

IXOM encourages enquires from anyone interested in learning more about the IXOM Morrinsville facility.

If you would like more information, please contact

Paul Graham – Site Manager on (07) 889 8461 or paul.graham@ixom.com


We are located at:

308 Morrinsville-Walton Road

Morrinsville 3300

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