Ixom's Latin America (LATAM) headquarters is located in Santiago de Chile, with further sites in Antofagasta, Peru (Lima), Colombia (Bogota and Medellin), Brazil (Sao Paulo and Itajai), and Argentina (Buenos Aires and San Juan). 

We have a strong focus on chemical and food ingredient trading to around twenty industry segments. Our products are sourced from respected and leading suppliers in Asia, Europe and North America. 

Ixom's LATAM operations specialise in: Mining, Construction, Personal Care, Home Care, Food, and Industrial and chemical manufacturers.

We offer our customers specialist products, industry expertise, a deep understanding and expertise in supply chain management, including the safe handling and transportation of our products.

We are recognised for our technical expertise and have teams of industry specialists who assist and formulate bespoke products for our customers. In addition, we provide high quality after sales service from Ixom laboratories and production facilities to ensure our customers' efficiency and effectiveness.
In all, Ixom LATAM offers our one thousand customers more than one thousand products.