Ixom’s Response to COVID–19

Ixom is actively responding to the various challenges in each of its global locations as a result of COVID-19, and are working with our employees, customers and suppliers to ensure a continuity of business as an essential operator. Ixom continues to supply key chemicals, products and services to our customers across a range of critical and essential industries including water, energy, mining, food, agriculture and health. We appreciate and are truly grateful for the partnership approach taken by our customers and suppliers that has resulted in no missed deliveries and minimal impact to stock levels. It’s due to our strong partnerships and relationships that Ixom is able to ensure seamless and efficient management of demand, continuing to deliver on excellent customer service and solve our customers’ challenges through this time. Our current focus is on maintaining supplies into these industries, managing the health and wellbeing of our employees, customers and suppliers and looking ahead to recovery, through updated processes and protocols aligned with government health advice.

Here is Ixom’s ongoing pandemic response to ensure we continue our essential operations:

Covid-19 response: First page COVID-19 response: Second page

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Supply Chain Commitment during COVID 19

Ixom's Supply Chain during Covid-19

IXOM's Covid Update August 2020

Download the IXOM's COVID Update - August 2020